September 22, 2017

Tokara celebrates Women’s Month and Spring

The ladies of the Tokara Wine Estate head office celebrated the end of Women’s Month and the start of Spring with a creative session.

This was a surprise for the ladies, all of whom had no idea what was awaiting them. The facial expressions when they saw the tables prepared with all kinds of art ‘stuff’ were priceless – varying from surprise and excitement to horror and resistance!

Besides celebrating Women’s Month and Spring, the purpose of the session was also to relax and do something inspirational. I decided to let them each create their own “ID book”.  The ladies received a strip of paper which they had to decorate by dripping paint on it, spraying an ink pattern and stamping a stencil of their choice.  Once dry, the strips of paper were folded into an accordion booklet with pages for further creative  decoration.

The theme for the first two pages was “Who am I?”.  Each lady drew a cartoon-like character and “dressed’ it with pieces of paper of their favourite colour. They also created a frame with 3 characteristics of themselves. 

Preparing the 3 characteristics was major fun…. Or was it perhaps panic initially?  The ladies had to write their characteristics on a piece of paper in different handwriting fonts.  They then had to tear them out…. Yes, tear! No cutting!  This pushed some boundaries, especially for those who prefer their handy-work to be extremely neat, tidy and perfect.  Each of the pieces of paper now had to be scrunched and thrown into the bottles of paint water.  Oh boy – this caused major resistance and screeches of “NO!!!”.  They had to fish out the words, open them up and paste them in their “ID books”. Surprisingly, this ‘dipping’ of their words gave new “character” to the paper it was written on.  They learned from this experience – thinking their words would be destroyed, but then seeing it looked far more interesting after the dipping exercise)

The theme for the next two pages was “Who am I not?”.  The ladies had to write their ‘confessions’ in freestyle font with a pencil and then cover it with tissue paper.  They were encouraged to create doodles on the tissue paper,  symbolic of replacing the “old ways” with something new and pretty.

The ladies also wrote (secret) compliments to each other which they were to paste into the booklets to cover the third theme of “I am ok”…. A special exercise to make them realise what positive perceptions they have at work.

Much fun and laughter was the highlight of this creative hour. Yet so many lessons were learnt, which was shared over lunch and much to the delight of the ladies.   This was a great opportunity to relax and forget all their worries and concerns in a fun and creative way.

One could not but leave this beautiful venue and inspowering experience with a feeling of being of revitalised.

Thank you Tokara ladies.



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