Meet Lianne

“Among the things you can give and still keep are your word, a smile, and a grateful heart.”- Zig Ziglar 

Lianne’s mission is simple:

The true purpose of TeaTime Learning is to help other women, no matter who they are or where they are in life, to feel deeply inspired and motivated to grow, to flourish, to realise their own potential and above all, to love the process of embarking upon their own exciting journey to personal fulfilment

There is little question that every step in life, leads one to one’s true purpose and ultimate destination. No matter how challenging life can be at times, every moment contains wonderfully valuable lessons for every one of us. It is recognizing those lessons and making the most of them however, that really makes the difference.

When you have learned to find your strength, no matter your circumstance in life, what a privilege it is to be able to share that ability of positive perseverance with others.

“You’ve arrived at the start of a brand new and exciting journey. It is an honour for me to support you in taking those first steps to uncovering the potential that lies within you!”– Lianne Smuts

Starting her career as an Executive Secretary to the Minister of Home Affairs and later, the MD of the Ackerman Group, circumstance catapulted Lianne into an unlikely role – selling corporate jewellery. This unavoidable move would eventually culminate in her becoming a qualified Corporate Image Consultant.

Her role as a Corporate Image Consultant and Facilitator in Soft Skills, spanning in excess of 15 years, saw Lianne assist many ladies, both locally and internationally and from all walks of life, to develop the etiquette, appearance and soft-skills that would help them achieve success in their careers.

Inadvertently, and no doubt because of her innate talent for uplifting others, Lianne’s work would often have a far deeper impact on her client’s employees than she ever intended.

“Break out of society’s boundaries, there is no right and wrong.”–Lianne Smuts

After many years as the partner of a highly successful Corporate Image Consulting and Training business, and after truly leading the field in her industry, Lianne’s professional life took another positive turn, which culminated in the development of TeaTime Learning and a unique approach to helping women. TeaTime Learning is not simply a business. It is a passion that lies incredibly close to Lianne’s heart.

“When people become excited about their own journey, they begin to love themselves and live meaningfully.”– Lianne Smuts

Lianne’s motivation in life has always been to keep the people around her happy, and in every way possible, both personally and professionally, she has been in a position to achieve this. Described as someone with a ‘heart as huge as a taxi’, as well as warm, kind-hearted, positive, sincere and someone with a deep, rich soul, strong moral values and Christian principles, Lianne truly is an exceptional inspiration to everyone she encounters.

Lianne hopes that through TeaTime Learning, she will ignite positive change in the lives of ordinary women, by helping them find the foundation within themselves, to lifelong personal strength, discovery and fulfilment.

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