Love Yourself

For so many of us, no matter how many lovely clothes we buy, we still seem to have either a limited number of outfits, or very little in the way of outfits that actually look good! There’s no doubt that budget limits are the bug-bear for many women who need a versatile and diverse wardrobe to match their lifestyle.

Even on a tight budget, it is possible to have a very functional wardrobe that gives you plenty of options and great looking outfits. This amazing Discovery Session will reveal the secret to not only create, but also maintain your best wardrobe yet, on a very limited budget!

The Format

Discover how to create the perfect wardrobe for your image and lifestyle using our style analysis and creative imaging techniques.


3 hour session


Refreshments, Lifestyle Analysis, Wardrobe Capsule Examples, Creative Materials

Overall Content

Organize that Wardrobe! Select the items that need to go or stay
Capsule Wardrobes: Design your ideal capsule wardrobe
Lifestyle Analysis: Determine how many wardrobe capsules you need (and what they should contain)
Accessorise! Discover which accessories you need to refresh your look
Make the Move: Create the tools that will get you on track to your new wardrobe