Live Meaningfully

The emotional pain from disappointments can take on many forms: the grief of loss, heart break, regret, anger, inability to trust, worry, anxiety and overwhelming stress.

Many of us can at times in our life feel weighed down from constantly carrying emotional pain that we don’t know how to heal or let go of.

If you are struggling with this pain which is rooted in the past, and which is preventing you from embracing happiness right now, then it is time to discover the tools that you need to release this emotional toxicity from your heart and use your experiences as the bridge to a positive future of personal peace and fulfilment.

The Format

Release negative, limiting emotions, restore your inner equilibrium and allow a new day to dawn on a more positive, balanced life through creative expression, discussion and assessment exercises.


3 hour session


Refreshments, Discovery Pack, Creative Activities, Hand-outs, Art Materials

Overall Content

Understanding Disappointment: Realise that you are not alone in the emotions that you feel
Acknowledge and Release: Pinpoint your disappointments and the emotions related to them
Create Objectivity: Discuss your disappointments and find refreshing ways to overcome them
Draft Your Comeback Plan: Define how you’re going to move forward and build strength through your experience
Let the New Day Begin: Create the tools that will keep you focused and positive