Live Meaningfully

So many women face incredibly demanding lives in which they assume multiple roles and must try to live up to a myriad expectations assailing them from every conceivable angle. Saying ‘no’ when you feel you’re needed can seem impossible at times.

But the more we concede to the wishes of others, at the expense of our own health and peace-of-mind, the less of a positive difference we’re actually able to make.

If you feel stressed, depleted and at the constant beck and call of others, it’s time to start setting those boundaries and providing yourself with the tools to nurture a more confident, peaceful inner life and create more balanced relationships.

Loving yourself first is key to having the strength to truly be there when you’re needed the most.

The Format

Anchor your life, build your confidence and develop assertive techniques through creative expression, discussion and assessment exercises.


2 sessions of 3 hours each (held one week apart)


Refreshments, Discovery Pack, Creative Activities, Hand-outs, Art Materials

Overall Content

Express Your Inner Wisdom: Create a treasure trove of insights through journaling
Where Am I Now? Explore what causes you frustration, anger and resentment
Assign Your Boundaries: Establish what you need to feel fulfilment and peace
Assertive Communication: Practice how and when to communicate most effectively
Assertive Behaviour: Learn how dress, body language, self-talk and emotion influence your inner strength and apply the techniques to confidently assert your feelings, needs and opinions
Define The Assertive You: Create the tools that will keep you focused and positive