Live Meaningfully

So many of us feel that every day, week, month and year seems to be rushing by in an increasingly mad hurry with what often feels like little time to just breathe. Forgetfulness, stress, burnout, irritation and despair are just some of the symptoms you may be experiencing if you’re caught within a perpetual spinning wheel of demands.

If you’re tired of your hectic pace, you need to find ways to create balance in your life. The more time you create to devote to yourself, as well as what is important to you, the more you’ll boost your reserves to cope with the demands in your life. 

You have the right to a life in which you can truly live every day to its full potential, but you must make a conscious choice to discover the tools to achieve a relaxed and balanced life.

The Format

Release stress, resentment and despair and discover simple techniques to enable a balanced, peaceful and fulfilling life through creative expression, discussion and assessment exercises.


3 hour session


Refreshments, Discovery Pack, Creative Activities, Score Cards

Overall Content

Defining Your Relationship with Time: Acknowledge how you perceive time and self-management
Assess Your Influencers: Pinpoint what saps your resources
Time Personality Discovery: Score yourself in your time management habits
Acknowledge the Challenge: Accept where your biggest challenge lies
Reclaim Your Time and Energy: Discover the tools that will help you tap into your resources, create new habits, eliminate time wastage and create daily purpose and balance.