Laugh Joyfully

In our busy, demanding day-to-day lives, so many women forget how to just relax, unwind, and simply ‘be’. Deep down we feel that our responsibilities and the expectations of others are far more important than our needs and we tell ourselves that we just don’t have the time to stop.

If it hasn’t done so already, that relentless stress and pressure will eventually catch up with you and you won’t have the same focus and energy that you once did, to manage your commitments.

‘Me Time’ is crucially important in any woman’s life and this absolutely wonderful Discovery Session gives you the opportunity you deserve, to devote just 3 hours to nourishing yourself and renewing the strength and creativity within you, that has probably been buried by your daily schedule.

The Format

Liberate yourself from stress, anxiety and negativity through creative freedom of expression activities and visual journaling in a tranquil, uplifting environment.


5 hour session


Refreshments, Creative and Art Materials