Love Yourself

Most of us have known at least one person, who seems to have that wonderful knack of buying the right clothes, always looking incredible for every occasion and who seems to just exude confidence in their own image and style. How many of us truly wish that we had that amazing talent?

Well the fact is that no matter who you are, you can most certainly develop this ability too!

Every women regardless of her age, shape or colouring is gorgeous and our mission is to boost your confidence and self-worth, by helping you discover your own, personal style and natural beauty through simple, timeless techniques.

The Format

Uncover your own personal style, find your perfect colour palette and boost your image and confidence through timeless image consulting techniques and creative activity.


3 hour session


Refreshments, Colour Coding and Colour Palette, Notebook, Creative Materials

Overall Content

Style Identity: Discover your own style and image preference
Colour Coding: An individual analysis of the best clothing, hair, makeup and jewellery colours for you
Makeup Tips: Guidance for the quick, professional and easy application of daily makeup
Illusion Dressing: Discover how to use clothing to enhance your natural figure