Live Meaningfully

When the challenges of life seem unrelenting, it’s easy to slump into utter despair and despondency. We become negative and as a result, our problems become increasingly difficult to manage and the energy that we once relied on to help us face our lives, seems entirely depleted. 

This is the time to discover manageable, positive ways to rebuild your energy, re-orientate your thinking patterns and release the stress and negativity that has been holding you back.

A winning attitude and a positive mind-set will help you find the opportunities that exist in your life, no matter what you are being faced with.

The Format

Awaken your inner joy and positivity through creative expression, discussion and assessment exercises.


2 sessions of 3 hours each (held one week apart)


Refreshments, Discovery Pack, Creative Activities, Hand-outs, Art Materials

Overall Content

Personal Reflections: Assess your feelings, attitudes and behaviours
How on Earth Did I Get Here?: Explore what has influenced your present situation
What’s Keeping Me Stuck?: Uncover limiting, negative feelings and beliefs
Prepare for Change: Prepare for new ways of managing life
Charter Your Route to Success: Define your opportunities, choices and commitments
Prepare Your Support Journey: Create the tools that will keep you focused and positive