Laugh Joyfully

As we live through our day-to-day responsibilities and attend to the myriad demands and commitments in our lives, disappointments, frustrations and suppressed emotions can build up and have an incredibly negative impact how we respond to our loved ones and the challenges we face.

Regularly exploring our thoughts and emotions is absolutely vital if we want to keep a healthy balance and maintain a positive outlook on life, but in all honesty, when does the average woman find the time to do this?

Dedicating a few hours to focusing on building our own reserves is necessary – and that’s what our Stress Release Discovery Session is all about.

The Format

Enjoy a few hours of peace, tranquillity, fun, laughter and creative activity. Explore your feelings, hopes and dreams and walk away with renewed inspiration, energy, focus and enthusiasm.


3 hour session


Refreshments, Creative and Art Materials