June 12, 2017

Celebrate Life

“Celebrate Life!” – and what better way to do it than with special people who have been part of my (business) life for many years.

In 2015, the same people celebrated the launch of my blog “Desk of Lianne”.  In 2016, they celebrated the launch of “Tea Time Learning” with me and this year I felt it necessary to just “Celebrate Life!”


We are busy!  No time for ourselves! No time to appreciate what we have! No time to re-energise ourselves.  So, the purpose of the Tea Time event on Saturday, 10 June, was to allow my special Tea Time friends an opportunity to have “me”- time, appreciate themselves and their lives, be re-energised and inspowered by others.

Liza, the owner of Vinboho Guesthouse, made sure my guests were treated to a beautiful tea table – an experience which in itself is a ‘mood lifter’.

Linda Remke, owner of Evolve and Life & Executive Coach, shared a special message with us  and each lady had the opportunity to share her favourite quote with the rest of the group.

We were certainly reminded that “motivation does not last, but neither does bathing – that’s why it’s recommended daily” (quote by Zig Ziglar)

We need to be reminded by each other to celebrate life, and when times are tough, let’s create an opportunity to be motivated again!

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