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Joy vs Happiness

Joy or Happiness? Like clouds with a silver or golden lining? Is joy happiness?  Is happiness joy?  Is it the same thing?  Are both a feeling? Which one lasts longer? If you research “joy vs happiness” like I did, you will be surprised to find many controversial articles and opinions on this matter. To get […]

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A happy life vs A meaningful life

Don’t we all want to be happy? Don’t we all long for purpose and a meaningful life?  We try various activities:  outings with family reminiscing about great childhood moments, lunch with our girl friends talking girl stuff, share funny stories and have loads of laughter…  We feel so happy afterwards, and yet, that happiness does […]

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Tokara celebrates Women’s Month and Spring

The ladies of the Tokara Wine Estate head office celebrated the end of Women’s Month and the start of Spring with a creative session. This was a surprise for the ladies, all of whom had no idea what was awaiting them. The facial expressions when they saw the tables prepared with all kinds of art […]

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